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    "4.13pm: Families should collect their children, and get out of their houses if you love Muammar Gaddafi, he says, and secure the streets and take the greasy rats out of the streets.

    He is asking his supporters to rise up against the rebels.

    If we have to use force we will use it, according to international law and the Libyan constitution - tomorrow and even from tonight.

    He is not a president so can't resign - he will fight until the last drop of his blood with the Libyan people behind him. "You are a solid rock."

    4.10pm: The number of committees will be increased from 23 to 30, he says, talking presumably about reforms to increase the power of local government.

    4.07pm: He is talking about previous wars against the French, the Egyptians, and "colonial masters".

    Here's a quote from earlier in the speech:

        A small group of young people who have taken drugs have attacked police station like mice ... They have taken advantage of this peace and stability ... However it is not their fault these young people; they tried to imitate what happened in Tunisia ... However there is a small group of sick people that has infiltrated in cities that are circulating drugs and money.

    He said he had "resolved the issue of power in Libya" insisting the power lay not with him but with the "people's committee" and the Libyan people.

    If that is his political concession to the protesters it may not go very far in meeting their demands.

    4.05pm: We entered Benghazi to free it, he says.

    We entered a war against America and Britain on Libyan soil, he says.

    We do not have any authority, he says – the Libyan people do.

    4.02pm: He does not blame the youth - they are young people, 16, 17, emulating what happened in Tunisia, he says.

    4.01pm: Libya and Africa will not give up on this glory, he says. We defeated superpowers – the USA and Great Britain – and we shall remain here, defiant, he says.

    4.00pm: He talks about his own home being bombed by "superpowers" and his children killed in the past – because they know he is the leader of a revolution. When this happened, where were the rats and rodents? They were with the USA, he says.

    3.58pm: This bunch of rats and cats have been paid to disfigure and tarnish the reputation of Libya, he says. I'm not going to leave this land; I'm going to die here as a martyr, he says.

    3.57pm: He is speaking from the same former home that he filmed his last message from.

    "I have given up the status," he says – it's unclear as yet what he means.

    3.57pm: It is a rambling speech and unclear so far what point Gaddafi is trying to make.

    3.55pm: Muammar Gaddafi has no status and no throne to give up, as other leaders do, he says. The revolution means to sacrifice till the end, the last breath of his life. This is his country and your country, he says, watered with our blood. May Allah curse those rats, he says, presumably his enemies.

    3.55pm: Now Libyans can hold their heads high with pride, he says.

    3.54pm: Gaddafi says others wanted to disfigure "your revolution" and disfigure the image of Libya.

    3.53pm: Gaddafi started by praising the rebels – much as Hosni Mubarak tried to do in Egypt.

    3.53pm: Gaddafi is speaking now."

    The Addington perpwalk is the trailhead for accountability in this wound on our national psyche. [ know: Dick Cheney's "top" lawyer.] --Sachem

    by greenbird on Tue Feb 22, 2011 at 08:20:24 AM PST

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