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  •  yep. my oldest daughter was born before my (0+ / 0-)

    husband and i were married.  in fact we got married a couple of months before our second child.  i agree there are no 'illegitimate' people.  it's just a way of trying to control people.

    When i was a kid my dad worked at Kodak.  I distinctly remember going camping for two weeks every summer in the adirondacks and going to florida to visit my grandparents and go to disney world on several occasions.  We were not rich and my parents had six kids, but we did ok.  Until my mom got sick and the medical bills started stacking up.

    my  dad took early retirement to be with my mom.  she died a month later.  things got pretty bad for a variety of reasons, but he ended up getting food stamps.  The three of us left living at home by the time i was 16 left and he ended up going bankrupt.  

    If it weren't for his pension and social security my dad would have had a miserable life after that.  But thanks to those things he built his credit back up, moved in with a girlfriend and had the ability to go to florida sometimes and at least be comfortable.  

    He died two years ago in April.  Of cancer.  He had insurance through Kodak.  He also had gone to the VA.  but his cancer was so bad there was nothing they could do.  He died with a couple hundred dollars in the bank, a car and a camper that didn't run.  His life insurance paid for the funeral and a nice headstone for him and my mom.  

    It seems those days are gone.  I am a SAHM, but frankly it would cost more than it's worth for me to get a job. WE currently get the state health insurance because our income is just low enough and otherwise we would have to get a $5000 deductible health insurance plan that is basically worthless unless you get catastrophically ill.  

    HOPE!!! it does a body good.

    by ejpoeta on Mon Feb 28, 2011 at 12:20:57 PM PST

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