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View Diary: Union-busting: The War of Southern Aggression (177 comments)

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    I'm not talking about shooting anybody.  I never said any such thing.

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      Well that's what happens in war David.  

      I suppose you're going to tell me that all the things that lead up to Gabby being shot had nothing to do with rhetoric now?  Is that it?

      It's okay now because you are using it for your own political issue, so we don't have to think about what happened a a month and a half ago.  

      Well your stupid self is part of the damn problem.  It's a policy issue that is being handled as we speak through words and you pretending that this is some kind of war, even if it is metaphorical is the exact type of thing you probably blamed the GOP for when she got shot and it now seems like people didn't really care, they just wanted to use it for politics.

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