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View Diary: Scott Walker's conversation with 'David Koch' (302 comments)

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  •  Not from Wis, but I can strongly suggest that (8+ / 0-)

    this ups the ante considerably, like the King's reaction in Bahrain when he fired on the protesters. That took it from a demand for justice and clean government into a demand for the king to go.

    In a similar way, I think this acknowledgment that Walker and his allies don't believe in democracy is a game changer: it should lead to demands for his resignation.

    Might I suggest to the citizens of Wisconsin that this now be their demand. Stop playing defense and start the offense against heavy-handed autocrats. You new theme: "Walker must go!"

    That, I think, would be a winning strategy that could turn the tide we've been drowning in since 1980. It would signal to repugs in every state that the game is up and they do, indeed, have to answer to the public.

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