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  •  Trust me it is not hard to confuse me more (3+ / 0-)
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    Sylv, KelleyRN2, belinda ridgewood

    than i already am  about this entire 'Group' concept.  But your explanation is very clear and sounds right.

    If one wishes to explore an idea, a concept, solicit input, then one publishes to a group, thereby giving the editors and administrators the ability to add or change, however as a writer it would make more sense to have a different category of attribution of authorship on a group diary, such as written by Joe Blow, edited by The Blowers and the Bloviators.

    That is an approach used in the real world of publishing to denote input by others who are also credited.

    It would make a huge difference to professional writers and those wishing to be professional writers. However the spectre of plagiarism is still very acute.

    There was a story in yesterday Daily Beast I think, about a writer of a book called The Help who was sued by an individual claiming that the story was based on her own story, although patently it wasn't, or only peripherally anyway., as she would only have been 10 years old in the time frame of the story and that's too young to be working as a maid in anyone's house.

    The same goes for the many lawsuits that proliferate about famous musicians songs by someone producing a cocktail napkin saved for twenty years to prove that he/she actually write the song.

    I am very wary about this whole group editing thingie personally, but that's me.

    The entire question of Copyright in the online world is still extremely murky and anyway everything we publish here belongs to KosMedia .

    •  Not true (6+ / 0-)
      ... it would make more sense to have a different category of attribution of authorship on a group diary, such as written by Joe Blow, edited by The Blowers and the Bloviators.

      That is an approach used in the real world of publishing to denote input by others who are also credited.

      There isn't a single news organization that has bylines of that sort. From the NY Times to Daily Kos, an author has her or his byline, no matter how many other (always uncredited) people edit it.

      •  Not true, Part II (6+ / 0-)

        Where does it say that Kos Media owns what you produce here?

        •  To be more explicit (7+ / 0-)

          The license at the bottom of this page is essentially an open license, releasing everything published on the site into the public domain. In fact, the copyright notice used to be "Steal what you want", until I realized that someone might take me literally and try and steal my logo and trademarks.

          I also add "unless otherwise noted", which gives individual authors the ability to assert their own copyright. I don't care whether they do or not. Sardonyx is an example of someone who asserts copyright over his material.

          Sometime in the next month or two, we'll incorporate a Creative Commons tool into your profile pages, allowing you to select which license you want to adopt as your own, which will be displayed alongside any diary you publish (the way Flickr does).

          The site's front page will continue to publish into the public domain, but individual diarists will be able to adopt more restrictive licenses as they see fit. (And by "more restrictive", it could be as little as requiring attribution upon republication, something I don't bother demanding with my own content, but is perfectly reasonable to request.)

          •  As an individual author I personally would (0+ / 0-)

            ALWAYS require the ability to assert my own copyright.


            although I also understand fully that a blog or a web-site doesn't operate under the same legal rules and regulations of the Copyright Laws as more traditional media, although I concede that YOU certainly would/should have more uptodate information about that aspect of copyright than I.

            I am still publishing under the old fashioned rules of real books, and certainly am privy to the very real need to get permission to quote from other published works and that ultimately the publisher accepts the responsibility for not contravening existing laws of attribution and Fair Use..

            The world of copyright law is very murky for electronic communication.  But you would know more about that.

            Blogs and Wikileaks have indeed thrown a lot of firecrackers into the world of who owns what.

            So I'll just wait and see what shakes out..

      •  acually, I don't agree with this analysis (0+ / 0-)

        other than op-ed pieces practically every single major newspaper and news magazine and other hard copy pieces published in the real world have a list at the bottom usually, of other inputs into the story, listing each person by name. The piece itself carries the by-line of the author(s) but the piece also attributes the input of other contributors.

        True it doesn't list the name of the paid professional editors and copy editors who also edit the piece.

        I have never been an in the field reporter for newspapers but have frequently been a contributing author to magazines and newspapers with essays and opinion pieces, sometimes even as a guest editor, over a fifty year span.  The role of these people is always clearly listed in the mastheads of such magazines or in the case of film and television in the credits..

        My confusion still is exactly HOW much 'change' editors and administrators of Diaries published to a Group first exert over pieces that  finally get published. and perhaps from my perspective WHY anyone would publish a Diary first to a Group. thereby voluntarily relinquishing control of content.?

        I am trying to understand the purpose, reason and benefit of doing so.  These other entities/organisational institutions you cite are team efforts, and I am unclear if that is the publishing purpose of DailyKos?  and I imagine even their on-line versions adhere to the guidelines of the print versions.

        That is why as a professional writer I do not write diaries.

        I like many others are still trying to get a clear handle on how this new iteration works.

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