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View Diary: Fox flips poll results to falsely claim Americans support union-busting (160 comments)

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    I watched an hour of Faux last night.  The no-spin spin what that every news story is really about Fox, not about the facts.  Here in Wisconsin where I live, much is going on of substance and of consequence to residents across the state.  Still, Fox spoke of the protests in Madison as though the primary motive there was to criticize Fox.  Bill O'Liar and his basso profundo women guests waxed unprofoundly about how hurt the Fox feelings were from the harsh words uttered by the "idiots" in Madison.

    The facist flavor of Fox is self-evident, and the ghosts of Father Coughlin and Joe McCarthy haunt and pervade the network from the top down.

    Take it to the streets, Madison!

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