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View Diary: Arizona lawmakers may not be done demonstrating their bigotry (75 comments)

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  •  1898 (0+ / 0-)

    1898 was the year the US supreme court decided that children of illegals were citizens. The decision aplied to both children of Irish and Chinese immigrants.

    What AZ would request is that federal court overturn the 1898 decision. A partial victory would give AZ courage to continue incrementally.

    Note that the court could uphold parts of the AZ law no public school funds or even welfare as those could apply to any foreigner legal or not.

    However, requiring proof of birth has been stayed in AZ summer 2010 for county college applicants.  AZ requested additional papers for citizenship that federal government had requested already. US told AZ to cease asking for more papers.

    Line of defense for US has been to stop AZ from requirng papers or a random  papers check.


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