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View Diary: What You MUST Know About Wisconsin Power Plants and the Koch Brothers (183 comments)

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  •  Wisconsin Power and Light; bad, better, to worse (0+ / 0-)

    The Final Great Consolidation and Destruction of Wisconsin's Power Plants, Transmission, and Distribution Infrastructure and Service is underway.

    The FGCDWPPTDIS, for short.

    Brought to Wisconsin by the truly insane Bible-thumper Holier than thou asshat child-governor joke and his richy-rich asshat greedy Koch...

    Mrs Rennebaum is crying. Points for knowing where one can see a statue of Mrs Rennebaum in Madison.

    When I grew up in Wisconsin, our house was heated by coal. About half of the railroad engines that ran a full freight and passenger schedule day and night were coal-fired steam engines. The power plant in town and the one next to Janesville airport belched black smoke all the time. The river was so polluted that an enterprising soul in town decided to make some t-shirts that said "Did you fart or are we in Beloit?". This wasn't as funny to those living near downtown or near the WI/IL state line. You see, it was illegal to dump raw sewage into a river, but not if you dump it into the river on the other side of the state line. So Beloit saved all that money that would have gone into a sewage treatment facility.

    Over the years, the EPA forced a cleanup amidst loud complaints from the polluters. But it was so bad that people whould go out of their way to avoid the smoke and the smell. Things got a lot better. A whole lot better.

    Meanwhile, in about 1965, my big sister went to work for the Wisconsin Power and Light Co. She worked her way up over the years and found herself in Madison writing and billing custom negotiated contracts for the State and larger power users served by WP&L. Then cam Alliant Energy and bought them out. Things immediately started to go downhill. Bleed the people, sell the assets, stop maintenance, and lobby, lobby, lobby. SHe was about to retire when the clever cost-saving Alliant Energy Co. cut her 30 years of earned pension into their own pockets. The stress killed my sister. Literally. She blew an artery ten years ago, just days after Alliant stole her "guaranteed" paid-up retirement funds.

    That's how Republicans roll, you know. I remember representing the children and the future of Wisconsin to Governor Warren P Knowles. Nothing worked. We eventually got something done when Patrick Lucey, a Democrat, replaced asshat Knowles. Lucey invested in the WI Dept. of Natural Resources. He did some bold progressive things during his tenure. He saved money and increased tourism substantially even against a Republican majority. He brought the American Birkebeiner x-country ski event to WI, for example. And grew the Oshkosh fly-in. He ran  for VP during John B Anderson's presidential run in 1980. We'd be in a very different place if Anderson had won over Reagan. Very different.

    There are no jobs in this area. Republicans allowed massive consolidation and killed all of the local industries that depended on rail service. They killed absolutely every damn progressive thought. The locals paid to convert the rail beds to paths, not the state.

    Now, this Idiot Walker will be appointing his murderers to the Public Utility board. They will lower tariffs so drastically that all utilities will be begging to sell out for pennies on the dollar. Enter the Koch money suckers. You can imagine the rest. I really don't want to dwell on this. It's too damn depressing.

    "All people are born alike - except Republicans and Democrats" - Groucho Marx

    by GrumpyOldGeek on Sat Feb 26, 2011 at 10:10:56 AM PST

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