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View Diary: IWW Calls for WI General Strike and WI Labor Says YES! (242 comments)

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  •  Is this really such a good idea? (0+ / 0-)

    I don't think so. First of all I think it is illegal to call a general strike.

    An alternative would be to call a statewide peaceful protest on all issues relating to this political impasse in Wisconsin. On or at least near the top of the list in my mind would be where and when is President Obama going to make a statement and start a federal investigation in the fallout of relelations stemming from the prack telephone call made to Walker. Are there any laws being violated by the Governor.

    In the mean time, aren't the fourteen Democratic Senators out of the state indefinitely? Would that fact not preclude the possibility of the law in question being passed?

    •  Your point is important. (2+ / 0-)
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      Quill Mike Eat Brains, brae70
      First of all I think it is illegal to call a general strike.

      Now state and local government workers are not governed by the Wagner Act, and after National League of Cities vs. Usery, they can't be constitutionally.  They are governed instead by their state's law on government employee collective bargaining.  Sometimes, those laws are "you can't do it."  Other times, they're like the law they're trying to amend in Wisconsin.

      Other workers are governed by the Wagner Act.

      All these laws are more straitjackets than bills of rights.  When the Wagner Act first went into effect, unions were already growing very rapidly.  The UAW went from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands in a matter of months--because they were winning strikes with tactics that are now outlawed.

      Add Taft-Hartley to the mix, and you have a government that is your opponent, not your friend or even an impartial referee.

      Solidarity unionism as practiced by the IWW says the government will always be the tool of Capitalists and never the real friend of the worker.  Therefore, you don't depend on laws and the government to help you organize and win your battles.  You depend on direct action--like the general strike.

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