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View Diary: Michigan's dreams of being "Hollywood East" being scuttled by Republican governor (18 comments)

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  •  Lowering taxes won't do squat, and we know (2+ / 0-)
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    moose67, Dirtandiron

    that for absolute certain.

    Muskegon, Michigan has had a long term "renaissance zone" where neither state nor federal taxes are paid for over a decade.

    Muskegon is also offering free land and TAX free to businesses that can move in and create jobs. many businesses are piling in to take advantage of these TAX FREE deals?

    Very very few. A thin trickle of very tiny local mom and pop stores.

    And what about WindTronics, the small wind turbine developed here in Muskegon?

    We offered them 3 million in tax abatements AND they could set up in the Renaissance zone if they put their factory here and built them here in Muskegon.

    Did they take that OR did they take the two million cash offered by Canada?

    Ultimately, the tax cuts and the tax free zones LOSE over
    states willing to do tax credits or cold hard cash.

    Tax cuts won't do shit.

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