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  •  Damn good diary, chemsmith-- how so many (1+ / 0-)
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    republickers lack, or appear to lack, the memories of great teachers from kindergarten to graduation, and their profound effects, show how out of touch they are with reality, and how vital passionate teachers and mentors are to the development of our early education.  Otherwise they are clueless and brainwashed.  

     I'm not a sage (far from it), but when Reagan/Bush was elected, and I was just learning how to read the op-ed pages,  I wondered how people could believe in the republican modus operandi.   When people said that Jimmy Carter was too honest and nice to be President, I was bewildered, and confused that he didn't fit in with the likes of "Honest Abe" Lincoln and George Washington ("I didn't chop down that cherry tree").  

     I witnessed an actor and former CIA director bullshit their way across America and win in a convincing fashion.  Worse even, is that today many people believe that Reagan was the best president in their lifetime (voodoo economics and the trickle-treacle down effect included).

    Now we have democrats elected who are as, and some even more conservative than Reagan.  Bill Clinton didn't do much to much to help the middle class (NAFTA). Now Obama, by refusing to stand up to the banksters, or favoring Wall Street over Main Street (which he wholeheartedly pledged against in his campaign for presidency), has done little for the middle class and fighting against the union busters in Wisconsin.  He should find that pair of comfortable shoes he told of us, and go and stand by the teachers and educators in WI.

    Sorry to have gone off on such a tangent, but good diaries like this make me do it.  Thanks for that.  

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