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  •  in my mind Obama has been... (0+ / 0-)
    in my mind Obama has been a fantastic President in many ways. ... But I call them like I see them, and in these few ways he has failed America. Yes I understand the politics of the situations, but that doesn't make it right.

    my thoughts exactly, a great president, but not what was needed at this time.  And politics can no longer be an excuse, as it has now become a certain trap.

    I worry about Gov "no-cuts-to-prisons" Brown in CA in this regard whom I voted for.  I can argue that it was better choice than Whitman, and that's where his legitimacy ends.  The wrong wing called him "moonbeam" as they call Obama a socialist radical liberal muslim.

    Personally I think it is much better to be beat'n and robbed by the Crips than the Bloods, but that's just my opinion.  My god, can you imagine where we would be if the Bloods were running the neighborhood rather than the Crips?  Yet, people on this site keep bashing the Crips.  It amazes me how stupid this community is.

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