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View Diary: Simon Johnson: U.S. isn't in fiscal crisis, but we're on our way (52 comments)

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  •  They're addicted to the big score (2+ / 0-)
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    brooklyngal, miningcityguy

    The old fashioned profit margins are not 'exciting' enough.

    And the only way to sustain these new 'exciting' opportunities is fraud and theft.

    Somebody has to pay for it, the money has to come from somewhere, there needs to be dupes and suckers for this game to keep going.

    Meanwhile Obama drones on about the same old false bullsh** while ignoring the 2,000 lb elephant in the room....
    because he needs that 2,000 lb elephant to fund his 2012 campaign.

    All this nonsense needs to stop NOW.
    They need to bleed the American middle class dry to keep this game going, and they WILL do just that
    and then they will pick the bones of the dead carcass.

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