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    Usually green bell peppers since in the 70's in central Maine you didn't see red, orange or yellow bell peppers in the grocery very often and when you did they were twice the price.

    Ha, yeah same thing in North Jersey in the 80s.  My dad used to do stuffed green bell peppers all the time, because that's all there was.


    Stuffed cabbage was my personal favorite, though.

    Tonight!  Plans changed and I have to run out for a bit so I'm gonna pick up something at a Thai food cart later.  Either basil fried rice or Khao Mok Kai.

    Tomorrow, I'm beginning my Week of Majadra.  Rice, lentils and fried onions.  Gonna make about a week's worth of the stuff.  Base of all meals for the next few days.  I'm thinking tomorrow I'll top it with fried cabbage, mushroom and an egg.

    "Tacos are like that." - flumptytail

    by JayinPortland on Sat Feb 26, 2011 at 05:45:24 PM PST

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