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    Pork and shrimp is a wonderful combination, usually. It seems to me that the relatively long cooking time for stuffed peppers would not be good for the texture of the shrimp. In, say, pot stickers or eggrolls or stir fry, the cooking time is fairly short. Another objection I'd have is that I doubt you could taste the shrimp in a stuffed pepper. That's why I suggest shrimp cocktail as a use for the shrimp. (I love shrimp and don't want its flavor obscured or overpowered by baked peppers and tomato sauce!)

    I guess the bottom line for me is that I wouldn't bake shrimp.

    Oh, and there's no way I'd stuff a pepper with raw pork or beef or onions. I want the flavors to blend and the ingredients to be thoroughly cooked. By the time I would feel safe about the raw filling being thoroughly cooked, the peppers would be mushy and collapsed. Like many stews and concoctions, the best flavor comes on the second day. So, whenever I can, I make the pepper stuffing the day before. I make good stuffed peppers, if I do say so myself. :-)

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