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View Diary: 'Does [Gaddafi] not say that authority is with the people? WE are the people!' (149 comments)

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  •  free Libyan army (3+ / 0-)
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    PeterHug, sherlyle, jnhobbs

    The army units that have joined the people are assembling to drive West. First they have to deal with the area around Sirt, still with Gaddafi.

    After that, there's only Tripoli on the coast.

    The regime is NOT bombing or strafing civilians AT THIS TIME (although they did strafe from helicopters). They have been using their helicopters to ferry mercenaries from Sabha in southern Libya.

    I don't think the no-fly pilots would want to shoot down a plane full of people, even mercenaries. What the US could do is track the movement of army units loyal to Gaddafi (especially the Khamis brigade) and planes in and out of Sabha.

    The tweets today are saying that the mercenaries are no longer so visible in Tripoli, and that tanks have been dispersed to guard approaches (roads) to Tripoli.

    So it's POSSIBLE that the number of mercenaries is dwindling, and that the "loyal" units have been broken up to guard many spots.

    All major cities except Sirt and Tripoli are under people's control at this time.

    •  I think the no-fly pilots would perfectly well (2+ / 0-)
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      mattman, ivorybill

      shoot down planeloads of mercenaries violating a no-fly zone, if they were ordered to do so.

      •  It's better to let them do things (3+ / 0-)
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        PeterHug, lotlizard, ivorybill

        The Libyan people want to own their revolution. The trick now is to find minimal forms of intervention - like sending military intel to the Libyan commanders in the East, so they don't walk into a trap around Sirt or Tripoli.

        I see now that Gaddafi had a sort of path to victory for a couple of days - terrorize the population of Tripoli with killings, wait for protesters to throw themselves at Tripoli in a disorganized rush, use elite army force (Khamis) to slaughter them while claiming that it's just a battle in a civil war.

        Gaddafi's hatred of and contempt for the West is as evident as his hatred and contempt toward his own people. They really think that the West will make nice with whoever wins.

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