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  •  Our paths are incredibly similar (10+ / 0-)

    And i have skills in 3 industries. The first one i couldnt possibly get a job in because the entire industry is averse to anyone over 30. The second one (programming/web design/SEO) is absolutely flooded with 20yo's from community colleges who will literally work for scraps (they dont have a lot of choice) and the third i cant go back into until next year due to an intentional screwup designed to keep me from going back. I wanted to actually see my family even if it meant poverty.. then the economy collapsed. Im under 50 by a few years but you can see the sneer on some of these young personel managers faces when you walk in the door. They want someone 22 year olds they can manipulate not someone who has more skills  than they do.

    You can never give up and this darkness too shall pass. However the world is changed. We americans all keep pretending things are going back to "the good old  days".  (It is shocking to me that we would even think of the Clinton years as the 'good old days'). This is the new america and it is going to get worse not better. The right wing plan worked folks. We're in the final stages of becoming a banana republic competing with the lowest common denominator while the Barons and Baronesses get richer and richer. Welcome to plantation life.

    The real irony here is we've systematically made sure there is no place for the poor and working classes in our society. Get unemployed in even the most 'progressive' communities and the police are waiting in line to ship you out.

    Fuck 'em. by Troubadour

    by cdreid on Sat Feb 26, 2011 at 11:58:46 AM PST

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    •  It *is* rather interesting (10+ / 0-)

      to be joining an industry (web design/development) at my age that is normally the purview of those under 30. I did some freelance work before I got my current job; it included partnering with a local graphic designer on a couple of websites, and I was heartened by one of the things she said to me. She told me she liked working with me in part because I'm older, and not a 20yo boy who "knows it all."

      For now, it seems my current employer-client is noticing my layout and graphics skills, and my boss' boss' boss (my great grandboss?) is tapping me to work on some internal sites that need UI work and to be a content manager for his new Sharepoint site. I may be older than most web designer-developers, but I can still learn; and where I can, I'll use my age and experience to advantage. For example, I'm more likely to pay attention to the readability of a site by older eyes.

      I hope you soon find a personnel manager without a sneer.

      "The most perfect political community is one in which the middle class is in control, and outnumbers both of the other classes." -Aristotle

      by Arenosa on Sat Feb 26, 2011 at 01:11:19 PM PST

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      •  If i can give you a tip (9+ / 0-)

        Learn SEO and traffic management. Its the actual Important part of web design. A monkey can draw a pretty website. Getting your client massive traffic, a top SE listing and having the users congregate where he hopes they do will win you a lot more admirers than a pretty picture that isnt user friendly and sends the lousy traffic it gets to the wrong places.

        Ill find it i just have to quit slumming on jobs below me. And next year im hopefully back to what i was made for.

        Good luck

        Fuck 'em. by Troubadour

        by cdreid on Sat Feb 26, 2011 at 02:06:28 PM PST

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        •  SEO is a boring, hoop-jumping grind (4+ / 0-)
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          cdreid, Odysseus, Sychotic1, asterkitty

          I can get a lot of organic SEO, I know how to write, use a keyword and employ a good strategy for 60 days.

          Then all the sands will shift as the entire industry plays for the limited slots available, and the strategy changes all over again.

          Fuck these dumb corporate types and their god damn search engine games, if you want human traffic be real, have intensity, really serve your people, and pay attention to who shows up.

          It never changes, real SEO is earned with human sacrifice and flair, the fuckers want me to code what they're too incompetent to actually perform, it gets really old fast.

          'n yes, those starving twentysomethings have smashed us all to fucking hell, god.  I understand, but please....

          •  Im not talking (1+ / 0-)
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            about what the pakis and indians do (the companies.. not 'races" or whatever). Not gaming the system. That gets old and is a nightmare if you want to stay on top.

            Im talking basic Legitimate seo and traffic. And these days btw you can flat out buy top listings. Google's coders have been outflanked 10 times over.

            A man is born as many men but dies as a single one.--Martin Heidegger

            by cdreid on Sun Feb 27, 2011 at 09:57:43 AM PST

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            •  I was too negative here (1+ / 0-)
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              It's good legitimate work, I was in a sour mood, please excuse me.

              Oh well.  I didn't mean to demean anyone......

              •  Actually (0+ / 0-)

                i totally understand your mood. Why do you think i got out? It was the most cutthroat business ive ever seen. And for a brief blip in time i was the 10 second king. But you're right trying to keep up with buildings full of $1 an hour workers (with degrees) working 16  hour days is a nightmare.

                A man is born as many men but dies as a single one.--Martin Heidegger

                by cdreid on Mon Feb 28, 2011 at 06:09:22 PM PST

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      •  They're good at sneering, good luck (7+ / 0-)

        If there's one element missing in all of this to me it's the vicious, mean hiring environment.  Management knows they have workers totally in their hand and the abuse gets pretty bad.

        Anyone over 40, bleah.  Been out of work for over a year?  Forget it.  I've seen ads in Craigslist that would blow you away, total shit like a real professional slot they call an intern for half the pay, another offering a start for 11k a year part time, how is anyone supposed to survive like that?

        Plus the non-career types who post ads, sneering condescending sentences, bold statements like no benefits, no mileage reimbursement, no nothing, take this up your ass or leave it.

        I've begun recognizing a certain tone to authors with employment, I can tell that although they sympathize they're clueless to the real viciousness of the labor market right now, they're cheery and bright and still just fine with America. Bob Herbert is the exception, the horrible pain of it all is just breezed away as the new normal with most writers, oh fucking well.

        [taps fingers] So out of patience with all this acceptance of hell for the American worker. Wtf, just unforgivable.

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