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View Diary: Senate Democrats begin declaring victory at House GOP spending proposal (109 comments)

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    I am glad to see that at least my fellow Kossacks agree that this latest capitulation by democratic lawmakers is entirely indefensible.  Just like all those others.  Like an ignorant doe in the headlights they saw the public blame for a government shutdown on their shoulders because the republicans put out this phony 'compromise' instead of shouting from the rooftops about how the republicans were 'negotiating' in bad faith, they just rolled over and died.  Big fucking surprise.
      It's always one step forward, 200 steps back for the democratic party it seems.  We just got over the love fest for Obama finally getting off his ass to decide discrimation against gays is, like, totally wrong, (I would direct you to clarknt67's most recent diary for an approximately accurate description of my feelings on that), and already the senate is playing dead on the bullshit deficit issue.  Where was all this concern about the deficit when you all (that is the senate) voted for the ridiculous tax 'compromise' for the wealthy????
    Its becoming more and more clear that the democratic party is full of spineless opportunistic dbags, but i guess I still have to vote for them because the alternative is worse?  Awesome.    

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