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    I have a niece and a nephew serving their country.

    The niece is a teacher and the nephew is an explosives expert serving in Afghanistan.

    Politically, I hate the war and the military industrial security powers that created it.

    Meanwhile, I am extremely proud of my nephew!

    Politically, I oppose the selfish power hungry tactics of the teachers union that sacrifice taxpayers and students for the financial and benefit demands of the public employee.

    Meanwhile, I am extremely proud of my niece!

    For Sarah Ann, I appreciate your desire to serve students and be a great teacher!

    Being against the union does not mean being against the teacher, any more than being against the war makes you anti-soldier.   By making this claim, union-boosters are no better than GW Bush or R Reagan.   (Gaaack , spit, hack.....)

    Religion gives men the strength to do what should not be done.

    by bobtmn on Sun Feb 27, 2011 at 12:27:24 PM PST

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