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  •  I'm a little more cynical (2+ / 0-)

    This pity for the low-info voter would have been valid in the early 1990s, but today, even with the internet at their disposal, millions of people willingly believe Republican lies that are easily debunked; they aren't interested in facts.

    To me, this just proves that as our nation gets dumber and dumber due to our devaluing of education, we cannot expect to appeal to people with reason and facts. You have to appeal to their myths, their emotions, and their immediate fears, all blended with clever rhetoric. That's what they respond to, and that's what gets covered by our shit media.

    "The deflation of the progressives was done on purpose by the White House staff. It was a terrible mistake." -- Howard Dean

    by just some lurker guy on Sat Mar 05, 2011 at 12:56:56 PM PST

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