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    In countries where corporations have run schools, the result is very low standards and huge numbers of kids who go without formal schooling.

    This kind of privatization scheme was tried in Chile after the military coup at the suggestion of Milton Friedman-trained economists (the "Chicago Boys"). Voucher school operators attracted families with goodies such as TVs. On the books, classes had 80 students each, but many of the children never showed up because they were child laborers. And the voucher school operators, who had connections to the Pinochet regime, bought entire islands with the proceeds of their vouchers.

    I had a friend who taught in one of these voucher schools. He was very poorly paid and ended up leaving teaching as soon as he found a better paying job.

    On the other hand, he didn't feel much pressure to teach ideologically correct lessons because supervision was minimal. The owner was only in it for the money and didn't really care what the teachers taught or who they were--as he was a highly visible opposition figure.

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