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View Diary: Teachers: the new enemy of the states? (174 comments)

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    Education is not a right, but a privilege.  Low test scores and low teacher morale (high teacher turn-over) are all due to a system that should be named Every Child Dragged Along, rather than No Child Left Behind.

    Why not put students on a "track" by the time they are in 9th grade?  Why force tactile learners who are more than content to work in the construction/engineering field to take English I - IV while studying Chaucer and Shakespeare?  

    Why are guidance counselors telling ALL students that they are college material when we all know that only a percentage (near 50%) of college freshmen actually go on to complete a 4-year degree.

    Why does China have such superior Math/Science scores?  It's because they don't put up with the garbage students in the way that American teachers are forced to put up with them.  Don't want an education?  Fine...Join the workforce.  Join the military.  Simple as that.

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