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    famous quote as a way to look at things.

    Do you think we should fire 20 teachers, to make sure we get the bad one?  Do you think if there was a medical malpractice at a hospital ALL doctors should be fired?

    What I am saying is that in any profession there are always going to be some "less than the best" practicing.  This is true of nurses, doctors, teachers, police, firefighters, office workers.

    How do you judge a good teacher?  Are they good if the test scores say so?  Are they good if all the children sit quietly and follow the rules and never challenge the teacher?  
    Is a math teacher teaching calculus better than a kindergarten teacher showing how to use scissors?   Is a special ed teacher better or worse than a Music teacher?  If the choir is just mediocre is it because of the music teacher.  If there are overweight children in PE class does this mean the teacher failed?  

    You want statistics on things that are not as cut and dried as you seem to think.  I have seen a terrible teacher, IMO, awarded a teaching accommodation from a principal that I think "protected, boosted, and spun" for her.  I have seen the best teacher I knew at one time have to fight to keep his program and almost lose his job because he dared buck the system.  

    Children are not widgets and there is no one way to be a good teacher.  

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