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View Diary: A partial response to Bill Gates' op ed about teachers (247 comments)

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    I know the school that he went to.  I know the kids that go there.  I know what it's like.  

    His personal experience in education is not worth considering as anything other than an anomaly.  He was in a school with kids who were rich-rich-rich.  

    It is one of the premier high end private schools in Seattle.  

    I suggest this to Bill Gates- Go to a kindergarten class that has 30 students, and then go to a kindergarten class that has 18 kids.  Then go to a kindergarten class that has 13 kids.  

    If he wants to argue that class size is irrelevant, that's his choice, but just because someone was lucky enough to be raised rich in privileged and enriching environment, that is not enough for me to trust his instincts.  

    This is perhaps the dumbest plan I've ever seen.  

    I am really amazed that someone who is the product of a wealthy family and privileged upbringing can't recognize that we have school issues, but we also have family issues, and unfortunately, his industry is partly responsible for some of the media overexposure issues that our kids have.  

    "Sometimes nothing can be a real cool hand."

    by otto on Mon Feb 28, 2011 at 07:36:33 AM PST

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