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View Diary: A partial response to Bill Gates' op ed about teachers (247 comments)

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    Ken.  I read his piece and could feel my bp go up, and honestly I have no patience for that kind of ignorance.  Well intended or not, the article comes off as a corporate approach, the old make schools function like a business.

    It does not work, it is not good for kids, and all it does is serve the intent of people  who want to privatize or charter everything.

    Once someone told me that they like that Bill Gates was a great philanthropist.  I like that he gives money but it does not impress me as making him kind or nice or anything.  You have 10 zillion dollars and give away 9 of it and you are still a zillionaire.  Yea, it's good....but impressive?  Nope.

    Now an elderly man I know living on a fixed income, gave every bit he could and still did not burden his family for himself. and then he gave his time.  NOW that's impressive.

    If this does no make sense, then ignore. I am just too angered these days by the scapegoating of public employees to  probably be reasonable.

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