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View Diary: The Library is America's last truly socialized institution and you're about to lose it (143 comments)

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    Devil's advocate here--or public librarian, as the case may be. At my medium-ish sized suburban library (I'm head of public services) we really do have a responsibility to purchase what our users are asking for. And while for the size of our community that never translates to 30 copies of any popular novel, yes, we do purchase more copies of certain high-interest titles. James Patterson comes to mind. Nothing personal, but the guy is selling air. On the other hand, his books continue to circulate until they fall apart. Go figure.

    Different libraries have different "roles" to play in the community at large, and your average public library is there to offer a fair amount of popular materials. I try very hard to get as many of those worthwhile titles as I can, but those Danielle Steel (or James Patterson) titles translate into circulation, which shows our community leaders that our library is being used, which further translates into the idea that we're still necessary.

    Now E-books, those make me nervous. Not because they're not enjoyable or useful, but because either people have to buy them themselves (pricing a whole lot of people out of the literacy market, which is profoundly troubling) or we have to purchase them, at the expense of books in other formats.

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