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View Diary: The Library is America's last truly socialized institution and you're about to lose it (143 comments)

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    The new Texas budget emasculates Texas libraries. All major programs would have to be closed, including the much beloved inter-library loan program across the state, a key to much research.

    I have a friend who just retired as head of the cataloging department of a major library and he forwarded me a release from the Texas Library Association. I went to see our local library and shared this with her immediately. I went to one of our local editors after forwarding the TLA missive and he agreed to do a in-depth feature, which came out a week later as the banner story on a Sunday, including quotes from our state senator. I especially wanted them to get to that politician for he has acquired a lot of power and I wanted him on the record early in the budgetary process.

    We are lucky to have a strong Friends of the Library whose thrift store is a great financial success. So many communities  don't have that kind of backing. Our relatively new building is paid for, thanks to them.

    Like many communities this library was created locally and as such represents a community investment that is very personal to so many. And as I related to our librarian, you have first shot at many of those people for we have a well attended library, so state your case well and keep it out front. This crosses all party lines.

    I will follow up as necessary. I have many media connections - I was in media for a long time here, so this was an easy thing to do for me totally from the background despite being a small Texas town.

    Our library was established in 1956, just when I, as a nine-year-old facing long hot summers, needed a library. It was an essential part of my life and my education and a place I truly love.

    The truth is we are tortured by the truth.

    by walkshills on Mon Feb 28, 2011 at 06:19:51 PM PST

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