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View Diary: Updated 5X:Gov. Walker & WI GOP Continue to Harass 14 Dem Senators From Across State Lines (134 comments)

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  •  Regarding the windows and the potential hazard. (0+ / 0-)

    My father was a career firefighter.  I was a volunteer firefighter for some years and was very good at gaining entry into just about any structure from barns to schools to churches, etc.

    1. Is the glass bullet-resistant?  If not, you can break it out with the bottom of a fire extinguisher or anything else handy.  The wood dividers in the middle (if there are any) become weak as twigs without the glass in them.

    2. If "Destruction of Public Property" isn't your preferred criminal charge, those "bolts" (which look alot like heavy gauge sheet metal screws to me) can be broken off with pliers - you start wiggling them north and south in the channel they're in and eventually they should fail very near the surface of what they've been screwed into.  Even if all you do is bend them pretty good, you can use these same pliers to thread them out of the holes.  But don't thread them all the way out until nobody's looking.  When you're done - thread them back in just a little bit to make it look like they're still blocked.

    3. I do not see these screwed windows as constituting a fire safety hazard as long as there are at least two safe exits - usually via doors and stairwells - from any particular area.  Nobody chains emergency exits shut unless they wish to face charges of risking a catastrophe.  Blocking or locking an emergency exit is a felony here in Pennsylvania.  OSHA will fine violators very heavily in these cases, and local cops/firefighters/fire marshal can enforce the code requiring those doors be unlocked and unblocked to those who wish to leave the structure.

    4. Which brings up another possibility for getting people INTO the building - use the emergency exits.  I can go over the somewhat devious method - which works even if there's a guard at the door - with anybody who can communicate it to the folks inside.

    5. I shouldn't know so many of the things I know about avoiding the scrutiny of law enforcement and gaining access to buildings from both inside and out.  Chalk it up to the guys I used to run with when I was a kid.  I was a good student, I swear it!  After school, though . . .

    So, if you want to get people and/or food into and/or out of that building in Madison - I'm your man.

    Celtic Merlin

    Sorry I couldn't take your call. I'm using my cell phone to make pancakes. Please leave a message.

    by Celtic Merlin on Tue Mar 01, 2011 at 02:21:37 AM PST

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