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View Diary: Bristol Palin's life story coming soon to a bookstore near you (137 comments)

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    I believe in my heart that we, as humans, should ignore the Palins and never criticize them again - I AM BEING SERIOUS.

    Sarah and her family seem to be like some evil villains who gain strength whenever they are criticized — like electro who gains more power every time he is fought. No matter how stupid or ridiculous it is what they say, their 'followers' in cult like fashion only spew more talking points , as in 'they hate women' or 'they hate strong women' or 'they hate her because she speaks the truth'.
    If we, and I mean liberals, ignore them I have a feeling they will wither and fade.

    What advice could Bristol offer my daughter ? Or my son ? That spelling is important ?
    What parent in their right mind would want their child to take the advice ?
    Yes, son, just say whatever comes to mind and regardless of how wrong it is, ridiculous it sounds or stupid you seem saying it - defend it and never admit your wrong , because admitting you learned something makes you sound professorial and god forbid you sound like you have the slightest bit of intelligence.

    I have a feeling if we ignore them they will fade away.

    you can't remain neutral on a moving train

    by rmfcjr on Wed Mar 02, 2011 at 04:32:25 AM PST

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