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View Diary: Did you know about Comet Elenin? You might find out soon enough. (63 comments)

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  •  OK, reading up on Eta Carinae.. (2+ / 0-)
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    trashablanca, Adept2u

    and supernova imposter events...

    Maybe the classic super-supernovae only happen for solo stars and binaries just get into all sorts of weirdness because their orbits would be screwed up something by all the mass ejection of the first of the pair (or multiple) to start ejecting gas shells. The stars would drag in their orbits, migrate closer together... sometimes one would shed gas to the other... it would build up pass the critical threshhold and BOOM! imposter event... or some other kind of fireworks. Then, due to mass loss it would be the OTHER star's turn to steal mass from its partner and do the same...

    That's just one scenario. And a clumsy one assembled on the fly without cafeine. I was excited to write about it :)

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