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View Diary: REALITY: The GOP is F***ing up the economy on purpose so they can blame it on Obama (211 comments)

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  •  Oh JHFC, you again (0+ / 0-)

    You're right.  It wasn't a strawman argument.  It was however a perfect example of use of ad hominem fallacy.  So bravo.

    But hey, nothing's off the table when absolving Obama, even when it's his failure to shift the Overton window and change the dialogue in this country like you imply the need for throughout this exchange.  

    Even if you are 100% correct about your history, Obama has repeatedly

    "slapped in the face" "sold out" and "thrown under the bus"
    the movement he should be embracing.

    Seriously, you want it every which way.  You can't ad hom the 'elites,' then then rail against the Progressives who are trying to form the movement against the elites, then defend the President who doesn't agree with the Progressives and makes backroom deals with the elites.

    Where the fuck do you stand, besides under the rainbow shooting out Obama's ass?

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