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View Diary: REALITY: The GOP is F***ing up the economy on purpose so they can blame it on Obama (211 comments)

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  •  You Pay Half of Them to Kill the Other Half (2+ / 0-)
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    bablhous, No one gets out alive

    Why would anyone with a rock solid health care plan sign onto a revision of the entire system if there was even the slightest shred of chance that their own plan might be negatively affected?  Use some media clout to sow the seeds of doubt and it's done for.

    Rub the health care and pension benefits of public sector employees in the faces of private sector employees without and gin up enough hatred to strip the public sector employees of benefits.  Meanwhile the private sector workers see nada for improvement.

    Couple a massive tax cut for the rich with a meager tax cut for the working class.  Then sit back and laugh as the working class sell out their schools, public services, social safety nets, etc.  Meanwhile, Charlie Sheen and Rush Limbaugh sit safely in their exclusive communities with top tier public schools or sent their kids to $20,000+ a year private schools.

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