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View Diary: The great Lightbulb War goes on, funded by energy companies (224 comments)

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  •  Well, if you must know, I favor reality over (0+ / 0-)


    Replacing every incandescent bulb in North America with a CFL (or for that matter an LED) is not an effective means of addressing climate change.

    The average American uses, calculated as average continuous power, between 11,000 and 12000 watts of energy.

    The vast majority of this power is devoted to the use of cars.    I often call for the phase out - ASAP - of the car CULTure, which includes lots of long drives to get lightbulbs at Walmart, but - as I pointed out in my last diary - Americans like to act that owning and driving a car is equally - and possibly more - important than air or water, as the state of our air and water shows.

    I think that's assinine.

    If we banned electric lighting in its entirety and insisted that everyone live by candlelight, it would only reduce electricity use by 8%.

    I have a hard time feeling all smug about that.

    I favor the electrification of the entire heating supply of the entire planet - save cogeneration where it can be practiced - and the substitution of all electricity generation by dangerous fossil fuels by nuclear power.

    That would be practical, and meaningful in the fight against the climate emergency which is both real and exigent.

    But instead we're going to hear glib stuff about CFLs and how they will save the world.

    They won't.

    Often, as shown, they will be worse for the environment in places like, say, Vermont (until dumb guys force the shut down of Vermont Yankee) and France.

    Have a nice evening reading by the light of your CFL.

    •  asdf (0+ / 0-)

      Well.  At least you admit you are making a bad argument.  

      Incremental improvements are valuable.  Better is better, even if it is minor.  Arguing that some other thing is more significant isn't an argument against making some other positive incremental improvements.  I don't think any sane person believes that more efficient lighting will "save the Earth".

      But keep making bad arguments and attributing irrational motives and beliefs to others.  

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