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View Diary: The great Lightbulb War goes on, funded by energy companies (224 comments)

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  •  There is no ban ... (1+ / 0-)
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    on incandescents, only an (effective) ban on inefficient incandescents.  The 2007 law requires that lights be at least 25% more efficient.  It is technology-neutral.  Halogen incandescents are available right now that are 30% more efficient than legacy incandescents.  They costs more, sure, and they aren't as efficient as CFLs, but they completely rebut the criticisms about color accuracy, dimmability, outdoor use, etc...  It might be hard for halogen incandescents to meet the 2020 efficiency requirements, but that's pretty far down the road.  Who knows what science will have produced by then.

    •  They are also extremely hot (1+ / 0-)
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      . . .and thus a potential fire hazard.  As such, nor are they suitable for many applications, like lamps with fabric shades, etc.  Or, at least, I would feel very uncomfortable using them that way.  

      I cannot stand CFLs, because I am very sensitive to their light, and the more so (see my comment way above) because of recent eye issues that have made that sensitivity even greater and have wreaked havoc with my color perception.  

      I have long been a proponent of using the least amount of light required, and making everything dimmable.  For the most part in my house I use small-wattage bulbs for ambient light, or keep light levels low with dimmers.  My incandescents last a VERY long time.  I do use halogen in the bathroom and kitchen (also on dimmers), but as stated above I would really be uncomfortable with them in lamps with fabric shades, or lamps that might be toppled over by errant children, cats, or wind.

      •  The hot halogen capsule ... (0+ / 0-)

        is enclosed within the outer shell of the bulb.  We're not talking about halogen torch lamps or car headlamps where the halogen capsule is exposed.  The outside of a halogen incandescent is cooler than an equivalent legacy incandescent.  

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