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  •  This is how I would deal with ... (31+ / 0-)

    ... the domestic abusers who were court ordered to the counseling groups at my agency.  

    If you treated them with anything less than patient respect, it would just turn into an interpersonal conflict and then NOTHING you said could possibly have any chance of getting through.  

    And even then that approach only worked with a smallish percentage of them ... the ones who had slightly better self-esteem and thus were a little more open to hearing different views.  

    Many were too much in denial for ANYTHING to get through.  They are too well defended against reality.  It is like they have a reality-warping force field around themselves, and objective facts seem to curve around them without ever connecting.

    And when you back them into a corner by asking a simple, logical question, or presenting a fact which they can't possibly avoid or wiggle around ... just as the diarist says, they change the subject and literally behave as if you never said it.  They just sort of erase it out of their consciousnesses.

    I've written often here about the quite stunning parallels between Republicans and domestic violence abusers.

    •  Reality-warping force field (2+ / 0-)
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      niemann, whl

      This is a great image! I am thinking especially about fundamentalist brainwashing that substitutes a similar force field of religious "belief" for scarey reality and independent thinking. It is very practiced denial and totally encouraged. It is also being taught in homeschooling and religious schools so that is is established early on.

    •  Social truth (2+ / 0-)
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      niemann, SuWho

      When talking with people who hold to the opinions on Fox News, I sometimes feel they can easily reject anything I say because of unspoken contempt for me.

      I'm not displaying the right tokens of belonging, which taints anything I say.

      They may value facts in some particular domains where they've had to deal with them, but outside of these areas their notion of truth is really social, not objective.

      For an individual, just trying to get by in a confusing world, this approach to truth actually works pretty well most of the time. But it is shockingly manipulable by anyone who owns a big piece of the media and can set your idea of how to recognize people like yourself and what the right kind of people believe.

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