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  •  Our side doesn't fight back (21+ / 0-)

    I stopped trying to "win" arguments with these people, because even if I construct the perfect world-class debate winning argument and completely change the other person's mind, he will go back into the media circus that formed his initial opinions tomorrow.  The one where the leaders of the Democratic party and The Left barely bother to fight back against the most insane assertions from the right.  (Or maybe they just don't have a platform.)

    These people believe the world is flat, and as a nation, we have conceded that there's two sides to that argument. :(

    "just give me some truth" --John Lennon

    by vernon nackulus on Thu Mar 03, 2011 at 06:40:56 AM PST

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    •  I present my facts just once and do the following (5+ / 0-)

      Usually they respond with opinions and then I say, "That is an opinion. Please provide facts." Usually no facts emerge so I repeat that one can't debate opinions and I walk away. Of course they feel like they won, but why ruin my health?

      Of course, I also run into the show stopping, "I disagree 100%." They don't even try to present opinions. I point out I can't respond to people who just disagree and go no further. Of course they feel like they won, but why ruin my health?

      If they provide facts I acknowledge them and debate them.

      Lately, I just use the who, what, where, when, and how to anything and everything they say.

      Them: "Teachers are leeches."
      Me: "What?"
      Them: "Teachers are leeches."
      Me: "How are they leeches?"
      Etc . . .

      When statements get outrageous I go back to the what and make them repeat the outrageous. Often they just go away.

      But I think it will take reality. My friends in WI are telling me that reality is a cold glass of water for many. One friend told me that she knows a HUGE Republican, with a special needs child, who was doing backflips about what was going down. So after the budget address . . .

      Friend: "So what do you think?"
      Republican: "This is great!"
      Friend: "You do realize that with the cuts to schools, your child will have to be mainstreamed? The district can't justify spending so much on smaller classes and a personal aide for your child while growing other classes to 40. Can you afford an aide for her?"  
      Republican starts blinking and looking around: "No."

      Then he shook his head and walked away. I think he finally got.

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