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    I was reading this thread, which is composed by comments mostly by republicans:

    The interesting thing was even in the face of the facts many of the posters seemed to reflexively ignore them and fall into the default of "republican can do no wrong" position.

    One poster said something that I immediately thought of when you posted this thread:

    #2069141 - 01/28/11 09:15 PM  Re: Texas Budget Deficit and Rick Perry [Re: Concho]  

     You guys are funny.

    Maroon colored glasses.

    So comptroller said deficit would happen to the tune of $27 billion.
    Perry says it wouldn't.
    Lo and behold, deficit did happen at $27 billion.
    Well comptroller did say only $25 billion.
    So youre right they were all wrong, or right, or wait heck i forgot.

    With guys like yall around its no wonder how career politicians get re-elected by saying how they are changing things up and not status quo.
    St. Rick does no wrong.
    And Perry did know about a probable property tax shortfall. He was to blame by cutting property taxes..


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