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  •  Physical abuse can have a different (1+ / 0-)
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    effect.  True, some abused kids become authoritarian followers, or timid and excessively rules-based, both of which may impact political affiliation.  Severe child abuse causes a child to improperly socialize, lose empathy for others, and sometimes to become violent as an adult.  To put it in plain language, severe abuse can  kill a kid's soul.  You can beat empathy out of a kid and create someone who has sociopathic tendencies, if you are brutal enough.  That kid might react against authority, join it, be a follower or be a leader (Saddam, Stalin, Hitler all were horrendously abused as children.)

    I'm unconvinced beating a kid has much to do with political affiliation later in life.  A kid that's beaten may follow his family's political views or reject them.  If you are saying that creating a sociopath equates to creating another GOP voter, well there's maybe a grain of truth in that.   But you can beat a kid, create a sociopath and he may well associate with the politics of the left.  

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