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    Ana Thema

    1. When you outrank the average conservative by anywhere from 30 to 70 IQ points you ARE intellectually advantaged.
    2. "Ideological conservatism" warrants only straw man refutations since there are no underlying real arguments in rightwingnutz ideology; red herrings & non sequiturs work even more better.
    3. The religious beliefs of conservatives succumb rather easily to rhetorical counter-arguments; "faith" versus facts always leaves the faithful in the "because g_d said so" camp site.
    4. Liberals are notorious for using facts [such as 140 years of recorded temperatures in global warming discussions] as the conservatives quote opinions from Limbaugh, Beck, O'Reilly, etc. Palin's twitters actually pass for "facts" in the conservative circles.
    5. Most (95%) conservatives are not smart enough to be fascists or corporatists----their "leaders" perform those functions for them as per Koch Broz = fascists & Boehner + Cantor = corporatists. The self-styled conservatives just get in line & sing "ditto."

    Give a sniff randfan, & you'll smell the Columbian dark roast (coffee, that is).

    snafu = 3 fubar & 1 wtf

    by whl on Thu Mar 03, 2011 at 11:42:01 AM PST

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