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View Diary: NBC/WSJ: People overwhelmingly side with the unions; say leave Medicare, Social Security alone (83 comments)

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        We're fighting on their turf.  The discussion isn't about what we're gaining, but what we're not losing.  Not losing from an artificially trumped up budget gap, the basis of which you seem willing to accept.  justmy2 noted three items where the public already is buying the Republican propaganda.  He didn't even mention the big one, which is increasing the retirement age to 69 (of course for children or those not born yet; hey, make your kids pay) under the illusion that "people are living longer," when we know that the very people who need social security the most aren't.
          So if you think that conceding conceding all these issues (plus handing over Wisconsin's utilities to the Koch brothers) is a win because the public has affirmed collective bargaining rights, than I say break out the champagne.  I need to get drunk, too.
         I'm greatly gratified to see the unions fighting back, and receiving public support.  I also believe the public in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Florida are quickly getting their fill of teabagger governors.  But the Overton window is now a wholly owned Koch Industries subsidiary.

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