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View Diary: A 5th grader says No to NCLB. (210 comments)

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  •  You said it! And to add stupidity to stupidity... (37+ / 0-)

    insult to injury, injury to insult and all the other things we might say... now these geniuses want to tie all these proven, crappy, bogus, flawed testing outcomes to teachers' actual livelihood! To their evaluations!

    Those geniuses would be your bipartisan cabal of Rs and Ds. (I have to wonder how in Hades they plan to make it fair ... I mean, what about preK kids? Will they concoct some 'measurement' of their performance the year before, at home with Mommy, and then reward (dont fire) or punish (fire) the preK teacher for gains or the lack thereof... at holding a spoon? Tying a shoe? Lawd help us. And the art teachers? Phys Ed teacher? You will get that geek to pole vault, Mr Gym Teacher. All kids can ... blah blah blah... if they just have the most excellent teachers with exceptional test prep skills.)

    You pass those damn kids and pass them higher than before or it's curtains for you, teacher!

    Oh, and how dare you teach while older! (Everyone knows, according to the latest propaganda war against seniority, that all young teachers are better. Far better... Oh, and just coincidentally, they save us a shitload on the payscale! wink wink)

    And Obama has amped up this madness.

    It is the big fat 800 lb donkey in the room that it seems no one wants to talk about... how the Democrats are making this nightmare worse.

    God fucking damn those crazy assed Republicans because not only do they keep pulling the Overton Window rightward with their extreme and insane policies (witness the current crop of governors, a group that would make Scrooge blush, pre epiphany), with no small assistance from enabling Dems, but I have a beef with their insanity on another count.

    Count 2: They draw all the attention to their drastic measures, while the Dems carry on chipping away, nice platitudes sliding from their mouths... killing us softly with their wrongs!

    But who is going to notice that they are slowly starving the kitties (whilst petting them and murmuring endearments, of course) when youve got these crazy GOPsters drowing them in the barrel in the light of day?!

    Have I made myself clear here?

    Should a "progressive" Dem blog dwell in the safe zones of a lame party, or should it drive a lame party to break out? If it cant, should it break out?

    by NYCee on Mon Mar 07, 2011 at 09:03:31 PM PST

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