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View Diary: UPDATED with Saturday Meetup Info. WI Lawmaker Tackled by Police & Why GOP is Losing (229 comments)

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    The GOP is severely wounded. Everything they try to pass into law will now be scrutinized and analyzed and if it smells of corporate influence or favoritism, you can bet the citizens will be mobilized against it.

    Now with jobs finally bouncing back, it's going to be very obvious who is at fault if the teabaggers get their way and the government slashes spending when all the sudden unemployment reverses course and starts going up again, and job losses mount.  And the deficit won't even go down, because tax giveaways are larger than ever, and further revenue will be lost.

    And the GOP WILL OWN THIS! All of their talk of about the "Confidence Fairy" as Krugman puts it will be shown for the load of horse manure that it is.

    These oh so very smart folks have maneuvered themselves into a no-win situation. They  do what the Tea Party tells them to, or the Tea Party goes after them. But when they do, the rest of the country will have it in for them even more. They have brought it all on themselves, hoping policy moves they knew were insane would work out for them in the end. Good plan.

    "The only thing we have to fear - is fear itself." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    by orrg1 on Fri Mar 04, 2011 at 03:22:39 PM PST

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