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View Diary: CBS News: ATF Partly Responsible for Mexico Violence (34 comments)

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  •  I live in Nevada (14+ / 0-)

    There are motherfuckers here, and Arizona, Texas, Tennessee who couldn't be more openly fronting for the Zetas and the drug lords unless they wore Viva Los Zetas! T-Shirts or Drug Gang swag like Mexican Mafia hoodies, who use their clean criminal records and sometimes their gun dealer status to buy guns in bulk, I mean 'clean out the inventory of every this or that or the other thing in the big warehouse with a forklift' bulk, and then turn and burn them to Mexican buyers.

    The cops know it. The Feds know it. There are prick gun wholesalers and fuckwit gun show merchants who know exactly why this asshole in front of them, oh, and those two assholes over there by the bored booth girls in camo bikinis with prop bandoliers and plastic guns both want exactly 40 of this and 25 of that. Each. The local and national media both know it.

    Why isn't this a scandal?

    I've seen the story mentioned on PBS (I think it was in a Frontline episode) and mentioned on 60 Minutes. Not featured. Not 'an hour on an American Nightmare'. A 'shake your head, because that's so sad' sort of spot.

    What's bigger?

    Well, right now we are too busy busting start-up medical marijuana outlets, as if that is the bigger deal.

    I have a feeling that, if and when, white people in the states start dying, say a soccer mom in southern Arizona gets hurt at an intersection shoot-out, this will be on the front burner.

    It's not just the ATF. There are a lot of folks in on this shit, or looking the other way. All letting the status quo in Mexico get worse and worse and worse.

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