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View Diary: Obama redoubles commitment to failed War on Drugs. (93 comments)

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    of things that have epic failed that refuse to die because the powerful need to feel like they are doing something constructive more than actually accomplishing something constructive.

    Abstinence Only. Just Say No. Stranger Danger. Faith-based this or that. The latest variation of mindlessly taking off your shoes and twirling in a circle like a dancing circus bear at the Airport. Funding the Defense Department as if the Cold War never ended.

    You can live in a free country, or you can live in a not-so-free country where you face the same risks and dangers you had with more freedom but you are conned into the illusion that you are safer.

    And if you dig beneath the surface, maintaining the epic fail actually helps the Movement Conservative Rightwing maintain it's ability to con millions of people into voting against their best interests because it reinforces the lie that there are easy answers to hard questions, and you can always be made safe.

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