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View Diary: Obama redoubles commitment to failed War on Drugs. (93 comments)

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    indies and 'moderates' are not all right wing, or even the fictional centrist . moderate in it's current usage means loyalist and indies are by nature ni ideological or partisan. The ones who voted in the coalition for Obama and the Democratic majority are not likely to be 'enthusiastic' and do not fear the right like the loyalist's do,

    The ones I know and have canvased are of the they are all bums sentiment and all this does is reinforce their belief that the Democrat's are as slimy as the R's. The indies that are sympathetic to the conservatives did not show up to vote at the midterm and vote for the blue dogs, they lost. Obama cannot win them by being a weenie liberal, my son a conservative voted for him because he took a stance he believed in. Now he thinks he's just as corrupt as the Republicans.

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