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  •  Came close to being homeless last summer (9+ / 0-)

    I was married to a Canadian but we split up last summer.  Unfortunately, since I had not achieved permanent residency in Canada, I had no choice but to come back to Washington state.  The crazy thing is I had this idea I could find work relatively quickly since jobs were relatively plentiful in BC (not that I had a work permit to enjoy that).  

    I've been back since July and all I have found is part time work.

    My possessions now fit into the trunk of my car and one half of the backseat.  This actually isn't a bad thing.  

    Fortunately, although my tea party enthusiast mother decided to ignore my plight, my aunt gave me a place to stay while I got back on my feet.  I've gotten on food stamps, and tailored my needs to the bare minimum.  Fortunately, I am not much of a consumerist type so I don't have a huge urge to go shopping anyhow.

    Ironically, I met a really awesome lady not long after getting back to Washington so I ultimately moved in with her and avoided the homelessness.  

    What I have taken away from this is that it's incredibly easy to find yourself in a bad situation in this country and worse, there are people who want to take away EVERYTHING that can help you get by till things improve.

    •  and you point one simple truth... (8+ / 0-)

      Everyone tries to live within their means.

      When the budget shrinks, people downsize.

      people use less electricity, people eat less food, people start skimping on medications.

      People try to fit into their budgets but their budgets keep shrinking.

      repubclians are always trying to say that people live beyond their means and thats the problem but if thats
      true then why do I keep hearing about all the people doing everything they can to just scrape by?

      I dont think its true.

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