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View Diary: WI: Will Scott Walker reap the whirlwind? (90 comments)

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  •  I would argue Kapanke is the best target. (3+ / 0-)
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    His district is really a solidly Dem district in most elections. It is as culturally moderate as Darling's and probably even more economically moderate (or even progressive) than Hopper's.
    Kapanke is basically toast. He would be in danger even if it weren't for the budget repair bill fiasco.

    I would argue Hopper is the second best target.
    His last election was even closer than hers and his district, though well to the right of hers on cultural issues, is to the left of hers on economics. It has more union workers and far far more public employees, as it is home to a public university (UW-O, my alma mater), a mental hospital and a prison.

    Darling is probably third. Agreed that nobody to her right would be electable. The north shore burbs and  southern Ozaukee County would be a natural district for an annoying "3rd Way" Democrat. Darling is only in because of incumbency since her district has drifted slightly leftward over the past couple decades.

    Harsdof fourth.

    Those are the ones that I think we have a better than 50% chance in. Cowles will be a challenge. Olsen would be even tougher to beat. Lazich and Grothman are in such winger districts, the best we can hope for is to be a major nuisance.

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