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  •  I specifically meant Party Socialists (0+ / 0-)

    Sanders is not a member of any Marxist party.  There are two kinds of socialists: Those that believe that the economy should serve human need, and those that are members of a Party.  The former are fine, almost all nice, well-meaning people, and mostly Social Democrats rather than Socialists or Communists.  The latter all want to stage a coup d'etat and use force to seize all property for redistribution along more egalitarian lines (with themselves, of course, in charge of the redistribution).  They can be identified by a little table full of propaganda, a monthly paper for sale for $1, and open calls for revolution.

    I don't really think they'll be taking power any time soon, but the danger is that they'll start steering this movement.  Eventually they'll be exposed, either by us or by the corporate media; the deeper they're in, the more damage will be done when we kick them out.  I have already seen several Socialists in leadership positions in various mainstream anti-Walker organizations.

    I know it seemed out of place to put that warning in this diary, but it's never too early to start shunning them.

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