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View Diary: Scott Walker press conference: It's not my fault (175 comments)

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  •  Several fascinating breakdowns (0+ / 0-)

    I wonder for the companies listed at this chart if they just take individual donations and total them all up, or if these are donations made by the corporation and any individual donations are tallied elsewhere.  I always wonder, when I fill out my occupation on the form for donating, if my donation is going to be considered as coming from my industry even though I'm making it as a private citizen and not as any representative of my company.

    •  they do both (1+ / 0-)
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      The totals include individual contributions, but they also break them down elsewhere by PACs etc.

      Here's the interesting part-----when you look at PACs, which do not include individual contributions, the percentages barely change. In other words, the percent of corporate money going to Dems or Repugs is basically the same whether you count the individual contributions or not.

      My hypothesis to explain that--most employees neither know nor care who is running, and they just give money to whoever the company says is best.

      I have a much more detailed look at the corporate funding for Dems here:

      •  I neither know nor let my decisions (0+ / 0-)

        be swayed by how my company is donating, but I'd sure be interested to hear if they're supporting the evil empire.

        I would tend to think that a person's private views about what's best may align with their company just because they have similar interests - for example, I support candidates who support high tech, and my company is a tech company.  I would not expect either of us would support someone who is anti-science.

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