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View Diary: Saxby Chambliss: Everything's on the table...except increasing taxes (63 comments)

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    speaking to a different audience, it might be credible. Coming from Chambliss, speaking indirectly to the people who vote for Chambliss, it doesn't have the slightest hint of credibility.

    Reducing the marginal tax rate but increasing revenue is really easy. Eliminate those $1.6 trillion in credits and deductions, and you have lots of room to reduce the marginal rate before revenue comes back down to current levels. It would be a bad idea - some of those credits and deductions are good policy - but it's easy to conceive.

    However, both Chambliss and his intended audience constantly grandstand any elimination of loopholes, let alone deliberate credits and deductions, as being "tax increases". The notion that he'll ever support any revenue-increasing measure is nonsense, a bill of goods he's trying to sell moderate voters.

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